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Le Dernier maître de l'air

Air, Eau, Terre, Feu : l'équilibre du monde bascule par une guerre sauvage engagée depuis un siècle déjà par la Nation du Feu contre les trois autres nations. Mettant au défi son courage et son aptitude au combat, Aang découvre qu’il est le nouvel Avatar, seul être capable de maîtriser les quatre éléments. Il s’allie à Katara, un Maître de l’Eau, et à son frère aîné Sokka, afin de stopper la Nation du Feu avant qu'il ne soit trop tard...

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  1. Anon 19.10.18

    Ok I thought this was a DC Extended Universe style FAIL... Marvel knows what we want and I sure as hell didn't expect to want Le Dernier maître de l'air this bad

  2. Anon 19.10.18

    Le Dernier maître de l'air is hot

  3. Anon 19.10.18

    good Le Dernier maître de l'air good boy ߐ

  4. Anon 19.10.18

    why does this sound like the same music from infinity war trailer 2 but without the melody

  5. Anon 19.10.18

    Looks alright but carnage is Woody Harlleson so I'm good.

  6. Anon 19.10.18


  7. Anon 19.10.18

    Meh \nI love all the marvel stuff\nTom hardy is a superb actor \nBUT THIS IS MARVEL AND HARDY OVERKILL\nboth need to chill out for a few years

  8. Anon 19.10.18


  9. Anon 19.10.18

    Can we get a gg in the chat... Oh wrong video

  10. Anon 19.10.18

    1st trending in MCEU

  11. Anon 19.10.18

    Did anyone else think his voice sounded weird?

  12. Anon 19.10.18

    Imagin 2 anti hero's working together... \nIt's Le Dernier maître de l'air and deadpool. XD

  13. Anon 19.10.18

    But where spidey tho

  14. Anon 19.10.18

    The music for this is ߔߔ

  15. Anon 19.10.18

    Better be Rated R.

  16. Anon 19.10.18

    10/05/2018 !

  17. Anon 19.10.18

    1 M. Likes? O_o

  18. Anon 19.10.18

    Looks like dog doody

  19. Anon 19.10.18

    Dang if Le Dernier maître de l'air looked and sounded this awesome in spiderman 3, that would have been a way better movie

  20. Anon 19.10.18

    They better show this trailer when I go see Avengers in IMAX

  21. Anon 19.10.18

    New live action Parasyte movie looks great :)

  22. Anon 19.10.18

    N U T

  23. Anon 19.10.18


  24. Anon 19.10.18

    I duhno

  25. Anon 19.10.18

    So they’re doing an ultimate Le Dernier maître de l'air story... no emo spider man :(

  26. Anon 19.10.18

    Que buen Trailer

  27. Anon 19.10.18

    Erik Killmonger and Le Dernier maître de l'air are my two favourite villains by far! Both played by amazing actors.

  28. Anon 19.10.18


  29. Anon 19.10.18

    My opinion of this movie keeps bouncing\n1. Will spider-man be in it? I legitimately have no clue\n2. The way this trailer was produced and sequenced seems rushed and extremely bizarre\n3. I keep thinking if Marvel just did this movie and did their own thing they could create a better movie but I know there are right’s issues and stuff

  30. Anon 19.10.18

    No crossorver

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