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La Prophétie de l'horloge

Cette aventure magique raconte le récit frissonnant de Lewis, 10 ans, lorsqu’il part vivre chez son oncle dans une vieille demeure dont les murs résonnent d’un mystérieux tic-tac. Mais lorsque Lewis réveille les morts accidentellement dans cette ville, en apparence tranquille, c’est tout un monde secret de mages et de sorcières qui vient la secouer.

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  1. Anon 19.10.18

    The cgi is not done thats the thing

  2. Anon 19.10.18


  3. Anon 19.10.18


  4. Anon 19.10.18


  5. Anon 19.10.18

    We are La Prophétie de l'horloge *Avenger Theme*

  6. Anon 19.10.18

    OMG YEAH!!!!

  7. Anon 19.10.18

    1st trending in the netherlands, wtf߇߇߇߇߇߇

  8. Anon 19.10.18

    This movie is gonna be shitty with a few good parts

  9. Anon 19.10.18

    Αλλη μια μαλακια ταινια

  10. Anon 19.10.18

    La Prophétie de l'horloge is my favorite!

  11. Anon 19.10.18

    Moneyyy pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Anon 19.10.18

    What comic story arch is this following?

  13. Anon 19.10.18

    I cant wait to see this

  14. Anon 19.10.18

    They copied the avengers infinity war trailer 2 theme song

  15. Anon 19.10.18

    spidey who?

  16. Anon 19.10.18

    Film türkiyede 1.sırada bu arada selam aleykum

  17. Anon 19.10.18

    O my god -

  18. Anon 19.10.18

    I hope all the symbiotes come to the big screen #CARNAGEversusLa Prophétie de l'horloge

  19. Anon 19.10.18

    2nd Trending in MALAYSIA!!!

  20. Anon 19.10.18

    This film is amazing

  21. Anon 19.10.18

    La Prophétie de l'horloge's voice makes the trailer. I have to say I'm hyped!

  22. Anon 19.10.18

    Can’t wait for carnage

  23. Anon 19.10.18

    So let's see what's in favour of this's a marvel character, the lead actor and the director.The bad thing is that it's a Sony production.

  24. Anon 19.10.18

    Looks darker than DC...

  25. Anon 19.10.18


  26. Anon 19.10.18


  27. Anon 19.10.18

    I wanted a villain movie, not an anti hero movie

  28. Anon 19.10.18

    Everything looks good in trailer

  29. Anon 19.10.18

    I hope they will make a trilogy but like Logan,The Dark Knight with a story not a movie with effects!

  30. Anon 19.10.18

    imma be honest this looks wack but anything involving tom hardy is GOLD.

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